Your tax dollars at work? Darrell Ankarlo plugs his book, won't rule out Barack Obama as the Antichrist.

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KTAR's e-mail newsletter, featuring Ankarlo's book, and the County Attorney's seal of approval.

KTAR 92.3 FM's Darrell Ankarlo continues to rail against big government on his radio show, calling Barack Obama a socialist, in defiance of the facts, while KTAR takes what you might call radio welfare from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office to promote Ankarlo's local book tour for his hatemongering tome Another Man's Sombrero.

Yesterday, Ankarlo was broadcasting from the Barnes and Noble at the Chandler Fashion Mall, signing his Mexican-bashing bag of bull, as promo spots occasionally reminded listeners that Ankarlo's appearance was in part sponsored by County Attorney Andy "Candy" Thomas.

"The Ankarlo book tour is coming to your neighborhood this summer," an announcer intoned in the spots. "Don't miss your chance to get your copy of Another Man's Sombrero by KTAR's Darrell Ankarlo, signed today at Chandler Fashion Center starting at noon. The Ankarlo book tour, presented by the County Attorney's office and news talk 92.3 KTAR."

Presumably, either taxpayer funds or county RICO dollars are being spent to prop up Ankarlo's appearances in the Valley. I say "presumably" because the MCAO refuses to comment on the matter, though KTAR news director Russ Hill explained for this week's Bird column that the County Attorney's office purchased the opportunity to promote Ankarlo's book. I guess Ankarlo needs the help. Arbitron currently ranks his show's overlapping time slots at seventh in Phoenix.

Ankarlo's free to his opinions, ill-informed and bigoted though they may be. I just see no reason why taxpayer money should underwrite them. For instance, while broadcasting from Barnes and Noble, Ankarlo actually suggested that a caller could be correct about Barack Obama being the Antichrist mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This is what passes for political commentary on his wing-nut program.

"I appreciate the call, Melissa," Ankarlo told the loony wench who phoned in with her insane Obama-Antichrist theory. "Not the first time, not the last time I will hear that. And, again, if you were raised in church with Bible readings, you know there are many references to end of times and Antichrist, mark of the beast, all that fun stuff. I don't know how many times people call my show or e-mail me, or will say to me, oftentimes under the breath, kind of mumbled commentary, `Hey, you know, Barack Obama, end of times.' Can I just tell you, I've read the same scripture that you have, and I cannot respond to it yes or no. I can't say well, yeah, the guy is, and no the guy isn't. All I can tell you is, as a politician, [he's] unbelievable."

Ankarlo also accused Obama of being a socialist, though I know conservatives pretty much regard all Democrats (wrongly) as socialists.

"I think he's got some dreadfully scary programs that he wants to bring to us," Ankarlo said of Obama. "He wants to bring socialism to the forefront. We are moving in that direction anyway. So this great country that fought that ideology for years, fought wars over that ideology, [is] now embracing it in little bitty pieces until this guy becomes president and then we will all out see an assault that you've never seen before in your life."

Ankarlo apparently equates socialism with communism, and Democrats like Obama with socialism, which I guess is as good in a wing-nut's mind as calling Obama a commie. No wonder Ankarlow-brow thinks Obama may be the Antichrist.

In any case, the last time I checked, the Republicans were the ones who have been running wild with the Federal Government's credit card during George Bush's presidency. So if support of massive government spending is the mark of a socialist, then, by that logic, most GOP-ers could be referred to as socialists too.

Hell, if you look at it the right way, I reckon you could call Ankarlo a socialist. I mean, if he believes in free market principles, then his book should rise or fall without assistance from the government, right? I know the government's tit must taste good, Darrell, but we really need to wean your book tour off it. Give a man a fish/teach a man to fish. You know the quote.

The county's pro-Ankarlo advertising stinks not just because of Ankarlo's outright hypocrisy. Can't we also expect that Ankarlo -- already inclined to promote a conservative's candidacy for ideological reasons -- would be even friendlier to a candidate for reelection sponsoring his book tour?

Change the party affiliations and political beliefs of those involved, and local conservatives would be screaming bloody murder over something like this. I see no reason the same yardstick should not apply to Darrell Ankarlo and Candy Thomas.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.