Yours Truly battles Darrell Ankarlo on air regarding Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Ankarlo not only digs smooching the Sheriff's butt, he also enjoys the occasional snack.

I didn't really have time to be on KTAR today, engaging in verbal fisticuffs with the Mormon-owned radio station's premier right-wing lip-flapper. But the offer was hard to turn down for two reasons: 1) I'm addicted to arguing with my ideological adversaries; and 2) I feel the need to counter some of the egregious bullshit that flows so freely from Ankarlo's Twinkie-hole. So, despite the fact I was on a major deadline this a.m., I went on the show, and I'm glad I did, because the rhetorical combat gave me a charge that lasted throughout the day. AND I still made my deadline, so hopefully my boss won't hold it against me.

The subject? Surprise, surprise, the knock-down-drag-out between New Times on one side and the unholy trio of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Andrew "Babyface" Thomas, and Dennis "Demon Dog" Wilenchik on the other. I got to call Ankarlo on his persistent French-kissing of the Sheriff's bum, and explain to the out-of-towner radio host why Sheriff Joe's a sadist, a bad Sheriff, and worthy of all kinds of scorn. Ankarlo, to his credit this time around, actually took a couple of calls that were critical of Arpaio, and posted a survey on KTAR's Web site asking if people think Joe's corrupt. Last time I checked, it was 46% yes, 54% no. It looks like they're still taking votes, so go here to vote against Sheriff Joke. Don't bother if you wanna vote for him, 'cause you know the goons over at the MCSO PR department are already voting multiple times under different IP addresses.

The full audio's, here. My segment begins about 16:40 into the recording. Skip to that point if you want to avoid Ankarlo talking about airline travel. I've been on Ankarlo twice before. My voice sounded a little muted this time 'round. I was on my office phone, which for some reason, sounds worse than when I'm on my cell. Go figure.

Will someone keep Joe away from the Paris Hilton statue? Sheesh...

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