YouthStrikers rock. Racists still suck...

The YouthStrikers, starvin' for justice...

Just stopped by the little bookstore at 16th, just south of Thomas in PHX where the YouthStrikers have set up their foodless sleepover in the back. Wanted to get my green ribbon and encourage these young activists who're protesting against the Prop 300 law and for the Dream Act. I have to say, they ended up encouraging me. There are a buttload of bigots in this Valley, as you can judge from reading some of the racist comments certain assholes have posted on the Youth Strike bulletin board. But more activism from college students such as these gives hope to all of us that in the end the racists won't win. The hunger strike's over tomorrow, and I'd say it's been a success for the El Break crew, especially in terms of media attention. Congrats on your protest! And keep it up in other forms in the future. Here's one idea for you: Make that green ribbon a permanent thing, a symbol of solidarity that both Hispanics and non-Hispanics can share.

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