Yuma Substitute Teacher Says Any Inappropriate Touching of Student Was Accidental

David Remmy, the Yuma substitute teacher arrested on Wednesday for allegedly gettin' a little grabby with a female student, was in court this morning, where he told the judge that any inappropriate "touching" of the girl was accidental.

"I did nothing intentionally...," Remmy told the court during his initial appearance this morning. "Whatever touching there was, it was not for that reason. That is not me. That is not my values, my morals."

Well, then -- case closed, right? Not quite; several students in the class -- elementary school students, mind you -- say the touching was inappropriate.

According to the Yuma Sun, Remmy explained the allegations made by the student by saying the classroom was crowded that day, especially when trying to walk between the students' desks.

He says, any touching occurred when he reached over the alleged victim's shoulder to point to part of an assignment.

A victims' rights advocate, who also spoke at the hearing, read a statement from the victim's mother. She thinks the "touching" was far more sinister than Remmy.

"My daughter and I are in fear of ever having another male substitute teacher in the classroom," the victim's mother said in a letter read by the advocate.

Remmy's bail was set at $55,275, He is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday.

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