This time, they're protesting Barack
This time, they're protesting Barack

Zack de la Rocha Returns to Phoenix January 16 to Lead National Day of Action

The third time's the charm, and according to civil rights leader Salvador Reza of the Puente Movement, the pleasure will be ours January 16 as Rage Against the Machine/One Day as a Lion frontman Zack de la Rocha returns to the Arizona capital to lead a National Day of Action.

Will people be marching against Joe Arpaio and the 287(g) program? Nope, says Reza.

"Joe's a has-been," said Reza, who's so far organized two such demonstrations this year, drawing thousands to the cause of the oppressed in Maricopa County. "We're protesting the Obama administration and the Department of Homeland Security for empowering Arpaio."

Finally, the focus turns on the liberal perpetrators of the status quo. See, President Barack Obama and his lefty apparatchiks are directly responsible for Arpaio maintaining federal 287(g) power in his jails -- jails so filthy and horrendous that they've been condemned by Amnesty International and now operate without accreditation.

These are the jails mothers, fathers, sons and daughters are brought to when any law enforcement agency in the county arrests someone for a false I.D., something the undocumented have no choice but to acquire. It is in these gulags that women have had their arms broken, their jaws messed up, by federally deputized 287(g) gendarmes.

Nevertheless, the Obama-ites have granted a federal imprimatur to Arpaio's vast, inhumane incarceration complex by signing Joe on once again as a federal jailer.

Moreover, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement continues to pick up non-criminal aliens from sweeps and raids carried out by MCSO thugs. With every person they take into custody, they deprive a family of a breadwinner and a loved one.

Reza and De la Rocha should demand that Obama be denied the Nobel Peace Prize, an award that is woefully premature for this Chief Executive who has done nothing to deserve it. While people suffer in Maricopa County, Obama's yuppie cadres should be mercilessly berated with a powerful dose of reality -- the reality that Joe Arpaio's victims are now Obama's victims.

The word's just gone out, but already Reza says he's getting calls and e-mails of support from across the country The activist community community should count itself lucky. January in Phoenix is a beautiful time of year, and will be far more hospitable than the snow and ice bound regions that many will be trekking from. Plus, they'll get the opportunity to participate in the number one civil and human rights struggle going on in America. All while Zack leads the way.

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