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Astor House: Wonderfully Easygoing and Perfect for Sandwich Lovers

A hustle and bustle breakfast or lunch in this heat? Not for this lady of leisure.

Lately, I've been taking my meals at Astor House. Run by architect DJ Fernandes, who also owns Tuck Shop, the adjacent Coronado neighborhood restaurant, and Vovomeena, a breakfast spot slated to open in September at Seventh Avenue and McDowell Road, this tiny home-turned-eatery is wonderfully easygoing and near perfect if you're in the mood for a stellar sandwich and salad.

Opened in April, Astor House fills in the gaps that Tuck Shop, which Fernandes started in 2009, doesn't -- namely, breakfast and lunch service. And when Tuck Shop opens for dinner, Astor House becomes a place where patrons waiting for a table can have a snack and a glass of wine or cocktail.

Here's an excerpt from this week's review:

"Given its tidy selection of unique sandwich creations and small, stellar salads, lunchtime is the best time at Astor House. You could pair a packed muffaletta or a lightly fried chunky chicken sandwich, served cold and with housemade slaw and a kick of spicy aioli, with a leafy salad touched sweetly with candied walnuts and orange vinaigrette; or take a bold (and deliciously messy) New Orleans-style roast beef po-boy, with tender, seasoned meat doused in a luscious brown gravy, tomatoes, pickles, and a wonderfully spicy remoulade between sturdy toasted bread, and put it together with a lemon-kissed grain and bean salad for a hearty noontime meal."

Hungry for more? Get the full story on Astor House here.

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