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GOOD 'N PLENTY: Announcing SMoCA's Artist Grant Finalists of 2012

Last summer, the creative and quirky minds at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art created a grant that's community generated and in support of "innovative art makers, wise-crackers and trailblazers based in Arizona."

From a number of submissions from artists throughout Phoenix, six proposals from the local arts community have been chosen and selected artists will present their ideas during an event on December 14 at SMoCA Lounge. That night, the audience will choose the winner of the grant, aptly titled GOOD 'N PLENTY.

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Tania Katan, who programs visual arts, performing, and literary events at SMoCA Lounge, confirmed the six finalists chosen by a panel of local arts community members last night. (Full disclosure: The author of this post was on the panel.) The six finalists are:

Sophie Gibly & Kristin Sievers: "Bitch, please." Blake McConnell: "Una Casa de Sonidos" Denise Yaghmourian: "The Anti-TP" Paul Wilson: "Mattel Hell" Christy Puetz & Karolina Sussland: "Bathroom Art Exhibition" Christian Filardo: "Tempe Museum of Contemporary Art"

Starting at 7 p.m. on December 14, attendees will gather at SMoCA Lounge to hear short pitches and presentations from each of the artists above on what they have the works and what they'd do with the grant money.

Each ticket holder then has one vote to place with his or her favorite proposal. And the project with the most votes will be awarded the cash grant of the money raised during the event and during SMoCA's Arm Wrestling for Art.

Tickets include an assortment of desserts from local bakeries, coffee from Cartel Coffee Lab and are on sale for $10 through Scottsdale Performing Arts or by calling 480-499-8587. And believe Katan, seating is limited.

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