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Hi, Phoenix. I'm the New Music Editor. Let's Meet.

There's a new music editor running Up on the Sun. My name is David Accomazzo. Nice to meet you, Phoenix.

I've spent my life in the mountains of Colorado, and nine days ago, I sold most of my worldly possessions, packed the rest in a U-Haul, and started the 13-hour drive to the Arizona desert. And to answer the No. 1 question I've gotten since I arrived: No, I haven't been here for the summer yet.

I'm excited by what I see so far; the music scene in this city seems vibrant and diverse, teeming with enthusiasm and talent. My next step is immersion. I will be spending most every night of the next month attending shows, meeting bands, and getting to know the city before summer arrives. What I've seen so far encourages me that the music scene in this city is deep and rich.

New Times is a storied newspaper with a history of unabashed and bold investigative journalism. My goals are to continue the publication's tradition of irreverent, deep, and alternative coverage of local music and to shine light on the scene's unexplored corners, and to maintain the history of excellence online and in the printed product. And for that, our team of music writers and I need your help. Did you see a cool new band last night? Let us know. E-mail me -- david.accomazzo at newtimes dot com (spelled out to foil the spammers out there). Did you hear a rumor about something that affects your favorite venue? Let me know.

Bands, please get in touch! Continue to send me your albums; let me know about the crazy conceptual collaboration that you're working on. If you're doing something unique and making positive contributions to the scene, I'd like to hear about it. We need everyone's help -- musicians, promoters, bookers, and fans alike -- to build the most exciting and relevant music coverage we can.

Me, I've spent the last four and a half years covering arts and entertainment at an alt-weekly in Boulder, Colorado, in addition to writing the occasional investigative news story or news feature. I've interviewed musicians (famous ones, flavors of the month, washed-up ones, local ones), Congressmen, homeless poets, avant-garde singers, sex columnists and more. I'm a rock 'n' roll guy to the core, but I listen to old-school funk when I'm getting ready to hit the town and jazz when I want to relax. I'm an orphaned rock musician myself, and I'm looking forward to getting to know you, Phoenix. Let's jam.

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