Steven Seagal Makes Cameo During Joe Arpaio's Raid of Southwest Phoenix

The last time Under Siege star Steven Seagal was in town, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office took some heat when it used a tank to apprehend a suspected cockfighter. The criticism went further when allegations surfaced that Seagal murdered a puppy.

The allegations that Seagal killed a puppy haven't been proven, but you'd think that when someone brings the type of shit-storm Seagal's brought to the MCSO, Sheriff Joe Arpaio might think twice before allowing him to tag along when he raises hell in the Valley.

You'd think wrong.

On Thursday, Arpaio kicked off his 20th "crime suppression sweep"/illegal immigrant roundup in southwest Phoenix. Not only was Seagal apparently involved, the sheriff's ghost "tweeters" are bragging about Seagal's participation on Twitter.

"My Crime Suppression Operation will be have southwest Phoenix UNDER SIEGE tonight with posse man/action star Steven Seagal participating," Arpaio's ghost-tweeters chirped on the sheriff's Twitter page.

The MCSO didn't immediately get back to us when asked what Seagal's involvement was, but we'll assume he wasn't cruising around in an MCSO tank or killing puppies -- although, we could be wrong.

As for the results of Arpaio's raid on southwest Phoenix, which, according to the sheriff, cost "hardly nothin'," Sprong says 92 arrests were made in 18 hours. Of the 92 arrested, 23 were determined to be illegal immigrants. The remainder of the arrests were for things like drug possession, human smuggling, and DUI -- no "major criminals" the sheriff says he's tired of hearing about when criticized for his over-the-top raids. More on that here.

According to Sprong, the sheriff was "pleased with the results" of the raid and is planning another one sometime in the near future.