10 Alternate Movie Titles for Love's Kitchen With Gordon Ramsay

What do you get when you mix Gordon Ramsay with Love Actually, a heapin' spoonful of sappiness and a stick of terrible acting? One plateful of awful.

Love's Kitchen is a new movie which premiered yesterday and features TV's foul-mouthed chef, Gordon Ramsay (who plays himself), along with Scottish actor Dougray Scott as a talented chef who loses his motivation after his wife dies. Who can help him? You guessed it, Mr. Shouty himself, who helps Rob (Dougray Scott) set up a successful restaurant and find love again. Bleh.

Since Love's Kitchen is so painfully a play on Hell's Kitchen, the reality television cooking competition hosted by Ramsay, we'd thought we could do a few better by suggesting 10 movie titles more aptly fitting to his Ramsay's reality TV persona.

Ten Alternate Movie Titles for Love's Kitchen With Gordon Ramsay 10.) I'd Rather Eat Poodle Shit (Than Gag on Your F*cking Broken Heart)

9.) I'll Find You Romance -- Then Ram It Right Up Your F*cking Ass

Find the rest of the titles and the trailer that gives away the entire plot of the movie after the jump.

8.) If You'd Just Shut The F*ck Up For 30 Seconds You Might Learn About F***ing Love

7.) Your Kisses Taste Like Gnat's Piss

6.) You F***ing Scottish Pig!

5.) You F***ing Scottish Donkey!

4.) You Show Me Tears and I'll F***ing Throw 'Em up Your Ass Sideways

3.) Fall in Love You Stubborn Little S***

2.) You Two Kiss Like a F***ing Tortoise Giving Birth

1.) Would You Mind Taking Your Breasts Off My Hot Plate? (Actual quote from season two of Hell's Kitchen.)

Now enjoy the movie trailer!

Love's Kitchen | Movie Trailer | Review

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