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10 Best Burgers in Metro Phoenix

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With so many diverse varieties in existence, you could easily argue that there's no bad time to indulge in a well-prepared burger. There are burgers for breakfast, burgers for lunch, and of course, burgers meant to be enjoyed as a hearty dinner. Our list of favorite burgers around town runs the gamut from simple burgers done exceptionally well to the kind of burger that feels more like a luxury that a guilty pleasure. If one thing's for sure, it's that we've got the beef.

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The Standard with Cheese from The Stand

Sometimes you just want -- nay, need a basic-as-they-come cheeseburger. And when such a craving hits, we head to The Stand. The restaurant's Standard burger offers a double serving of all-beef patties, seared but still juicy, topped with American cheese, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, onions (we like 'em grilled), pickles, and Stand Sauce. If you live in Arcadia then chances are this is your go-to burger joint, or should be, thanks in part to the fact that it offers a drive-thru option. It's not the speediest one in town but for lazy days it does the trick.

PB& B from Welcome Diner

We'll admit, it doesn't seem like peanut butter, cheese, and pickles should taste good on a burger but that's part of the appeal of this glorious dish. Welcome Diner combines these three ingredients along with bacon and a burger patty to make a cheesebuger that's truly one-of-a-kind. The combination of crunchy, salty peanut butter; sweet and spicy pickles; and melted cheese makes for a union of flavors that's somehow comforting while also being quite unexpected.

The Farmer's Daughter Burger from Ingo's Tasty Food

Fans of a classic Reuben sandwich will have a hard time resisting the Farmer's Daughter Burger at Ingo's Tasty Food. Brought to the corner of 40th Street and Campbell by the folks behind LGO Hospitality, this futuristic-looking dining spot delivers some of the best burgers in town. The Farmer's Daughter combines a grass-fed beef patty with house-made dijon sauce, tangy sauerkraut, and thick slice of nutty fol epi cheese. The fluffy-yet-sturdy poppyseed buns are an architectural marvel, somehow able to support the weight of all that food while still retaining a delicate texture.

The Great Big One from The Chuckbox

There's absolutely nothing fancy about The Chuckbox or its food. In fact, it seems that over the years this restaurant has made a conscious effort to remain true to its plain roots. When it comes to the food that means you can still get burgers cooked over an open flame -- though that's not the only thing The Chuckbox has going for it. The secret blend of spices (a.k.a. "magic dust") that goes into every patty also helps make this the only place in town to find a backyard barbecue-style burger done to the highest level. At lunchtime be prepared to wait in line and stop at the ATM on you way, The Chuckbox is cash only.

Zinc Burger from Zinc Bistro

As you might expect from a cozy Parisian-looking bistro in the heart of Scottsdale, Zinc Bistro knows how to deliver a highly refined burger eating experience. Chef Matt Carter's burger consists of a dense, thick beef patty topped with sliced tomatoes, lemon and garlic arugula, and your choice of either bacon bleu cheese or truffled gruyere. The latter is obviously a popular option; the gruyere adds saltiness to the mix while the truffle create richness and depth.

Brunch Burger from Orange Table Tempe

Though Orange Table shuttered its doors in Old Town Scottsdale earlier this year, the breakfast and brunch spot has since resurfaced in Tempe. Much of the menu is exactly the same, including (thank goodness) our favorite Brunch Burger. These days a hand-shaped patty gives the dish a home-spun feel, but the elements of an over easy egg and potato hash remain pretty much the same. The real secret to success is the maple mayo that comes drizzled on the inside the toasted bun; it gives sweetness to the whole messy endeavor. Just go ahead and ask for an extra side. You're going to want it.

Southwest Burger from Joe's Farm Grill

Southwest-inspired burgers can easily become a heavy, peppery mess but at Joe's Farm Grill in Gilbert the regional dish takes on a different form. A 6 oz. beef patty comes rubbed with taco spice and loaded up with pepper jack cheese, fresh pico de gallo, chipotle mayo, and slices of avocado. The combination of spicy elements and cool avocado will remind you of a taco or torta, which makes this burger an ideal combination of some of our favorite cuisines.

Zinburger from Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar

Whether you're at the location at the Biltmore Fashion Park or headed to the newest Valley location in Gilbert, you can count on Zinburger's signature offering to deliver on flavor. The classic Zinburger means a grass-fed beef patty that's topped with melted Manchego cheese, braised onions, lettuce, and mayo. The whole thing is simple enough to satisfy just about every diner (after all, isn't that the whole point of Sam Fox's restaurants?) and can even be upgraded to a Kobe beef patty for those seeking an even more luxurious experience. Either way this is a burger that scratches your beef-eating itch without leaving you feeling guilty and grease-covered when you're done.

The Ivan from The Attic

It may not be the biggest restaurant, or the easiest to find, but The Attic sure knows how to cook a burger. The Ivan Burger is the simplest of the bunch, made with a sizable grilled patty topped with spring mix lettuce, tomato, red onion, and chiptole mayonnaise. The restaurant's pretzel buns everything you could want from both a pretzel and a burger bun: buttery, soft, and sturdy. You'll have your choice of cheeses including American, Swiss, Provolone, Cheddar, and Pepperjack, as well as the option to add bacon, mushroom, or bleu cheese for $1 each.

Bacon Burger from Bink's Midtown and Scottsdale

When it comes to bacon and burgers, no one does it quite like Bink's. The Bacon Burger, available at both Bink's Midtown and Bink's Scottsdale during lunch, features a crisp patty made with bacon ground into the beef. The result is an even distribution of rich, bacon flavor that's paired with spicy pickles and sharp cheddar cheese. The whole thing gets a boost of richness from a combination of smoked caramelized onion mayo that's spread on the inside of a fluffy onion roll. For a side, don't skip the fries, which come with a trio of sauces including truffle ketchup and garlic aioli.

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