10 Best Juice Bars in Metro Phoenix

A light cleanse is a great way to wash away time spent lazing around watching Netflix, sitting in traffic, or a hard night out. Lucky for Phoenicians, there are plenty of cold-pressed, raw, and organic juice makers around town to help us mainline nutrients. Some have an upscale ambiance, others are nestled in yoga studios, and a few will even deliver to your door. No matter where you're located in the Valley, you're sure to find the perfect concoction at one of these 10 spots.

Original ChopShop Co.
Multiple locations
When the original Original ChopShop Co. opened in Old Town in 2013, it pretty much exploded in popularity among college students, health nuts, and those looking to stay trim. The juice and salad specialty spot has now opened an additional four locations, including one in downtown Tempe right next to the ASU campus (finally giving students a legitimately healthy and tasty option within walking distance). Each menu offers delicious vegan, raw, and organic eats like grilled protein bowls, salads, parfaits, protein shakes, and fresh juices. 

Kaleidoscope Juice
Multiple locations
Regardless of how healthy you're interested in being, you certainly don't want to be sick. Lucky for you, Kaleidoscope Juice offers a juice elixir called the Flu Shot. Just $5 gets you the small but potent combo of oil of oregano, garlic, turmeric, ginger, cayenne, lemon, and green apple for flavor that will surely knock the sniffles out of you. You’ve also got the Strawberry Warrior (almond) Milk, the Heavy Metal Detox, and the Anton’s Spinach. Kaleidoscope Juice has expanded to two Phoenix locations and two Scottsdale locations.

The Berry Beet Juice Bar
4206 East Chandler Boulevard, #9
Taglined as a fresh juicer, the Berry Beet Juice Bar offers juices made fresh-to-order with non-GMO, organic fruits and vegetables. Signature juices include the Tree Hugger, with kale, spinach, romaine, apple, lemon, and ginger. They also offer turmeric and ginger shots. Smoothies are a fun option here, especially with cool names like On Wednesdays We Wear Pink (pitaya, raspberry, strawberry, banana, and guava juice) and others like Berry Big Muscles, Beyoncé, The Gauvfather, and Oh Kale Yeah!

Natural Medicine & Detox
301 West Roosevelt Street
If the other juice bars so far haven't met your high expectations for health and wellness, drop into Natural Medicine & Detox to satisfy your deepest holistic health needs. With services like acupuncture, colon hydrotherapy, detox footbath, massages, and more, you can easily release all your built up stresses. The shelves are covered with apothecary jars stocked with encapsulated or dried herbs and naturopathic medicine tinctures. Plus, there’s the Organic Juice Bar, where it’s $6 for a 12-ounce drink, and $9 for a 16-ouncer.

24 Carrots
1701 East Guadalupe Road, Tempe
Known as a mostly vegan café specializing in healthy eating and drinking, 24 Carrots features great specials and a full menu. The unique juice combos feature some not-so-raw ingredients, like the Dragon Sauce in the Voodoo Child juice, but that extra spice, mixed with the beet, carrot, and other juices makes for an addicting experience that'll surely get you hooked on juicing for good. There’s also Beet It, Blue Pom Bomb, Cliffs of Dover, and many more. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is also there to guide you in the right direction if you have any questions.

Inta Juice
1445 South Arizona Avenue, Chandler
If you're a newbie to the juice world and want to make the switch from Jamba Juice-type establishments to more health-conscious options, Inta Juice in Chandler is the place for you. While specializing in a wide array of smoothies, Inta Juice also offers seven different veggie and fruit juice options, along with organic wheatgrass shots. You can't go wrong with a refreshing order of the Extreme Veggie (carrot, apple, ginger, spinach, lemon, lime, celery, cucumber, and beet options).

Juice Core
7137 East Stetson Drive, #10, Scottsdale
Whether you're a new juicer or a seasoned veteran, Juice Core specializes in the per diem method of juicing so you can choose how long you're on a liquid diet. The place's juices include Mother Earth, a signature blend of kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, ginger, romaine, fennel, lemon, green apple, and parsley. Other juices include the Gratitude, Not for Sissies, Bettle Juice, Jet Lag, and more. And if you mean business, for $68, you get the hardcore cleanse – a collection of five mixed green-based juices and one revive juice.

Juby True
Multiple Locations
Juby True has locations in Scottsdale and Arcadia, and it’s all focused on health-driven, 16-ounce bottles of juice. We’re talking organic cold-pressed juices, hydrators, juice boosts, nut and seed blends, juice cleanses, and smoothies. Think the Reset Button – a combination of apple, celery, lemon, jalapeño, and filtered water which boosts metabolism, aids water reduction, and is high in antioxidants. There’s also the #Hotdate smoothie, the Little Miss Sunshine cold-pressed juice, various milk-based drinks, and the Grassercise juice boost.

Paradise Juice
10655 North Tatum Boulevard
Let’s say you’re in hangover hell one Sunday morning. Nothing seems to help, except maybe a trip to Paradise Juice in the north Valley. The Hangover features pear, ginger, pineapple, cucumber, and lemon, and it’s found under the Vegetable Juices section of the menu. Other items include the Magnesium Plus, Bone Strength, and the Liver Detox. Smoothies include the Fountain of Youth, Avocado Delight, Immune Builder, and simply The Works. They also offer salads, sandwiches, and acai bowls if you’d like to round out your late afternoon.

Nekter Juice Bar
Multiple locations
The Skoop location of Nekter Juice Bar (in the Tempe Marketplace) has grab-and-go cold-pressed bottled drinks like Advanced Greens, Ginger Lime Skinny Lemonade, Calming Greens + Ashwagandha, Lean Greens, and more – not to mention Nekter cleanses such as classic or advanced. Any three-day cleanse is $99. Juices include the Buzz, the Little Beet, and the Toxin Flush. Nekter also offers smoothies.

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