10 Best Sightings of Jesus in Food

Easter Sunday, the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, is right around the corner. Along with the holy hoopla is the grub. And though Captain Miracle's mug may not make an appearance at this year's traditional Easter dinner in a slice of ham, deviled egg, or Peep, he has shown up in foodstuffs of former days.

Here are 10 of our favorite sightings of Jesus in food.

1.) Jesus Pancake (above): Holy faithful flapjack, Batman!

2.) Jesus Fish Stick: A strange twist for the fisher of men.

3.) Jesus Cheeto: Cheeto plus Jesus equals Cheesus!

4.) Jesus Tortilla: Salvation from south of the border!

5.) Jesus Potato Chip: It's Christ with a C-R-R-R-UNCH!

6.) Jesus Orange: "Orange" you glad you didn't say Satan?

7.) Jesus Pierogi: Even a dumpling can be divine.

8.) Jesus Potato: Dude, salvation is in the spuds.

9.) Jesus Candy Bar: Milk chocolate with a heavenly crispy center!

10.) Jesus Toast: Free of sin, save the absence of jam.

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