10 Best Spots for Fries in Metro Phoenix

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Patatine Fritte from Andreoli Italian Grocer Chow bella with the classic Italiano appetizer at Andreoli known as the patatine fritte. The potatoes and leeks are fried lightly to preserve their earthy flavors, which go perfectly with the Giovanni-style tartar dipping sauce, a creamy, tangy pinkish sauce unlike any fry sauce you've had before. Grab your own plate at the North Scottsdale (by way of Italy) joint for $6.95.

Poutines from Rose & Crown Pub We're not quite sure why this little downtown Phoenix pub insists on pluralizing the word poutine, but its combination of chips and gravy is so good that we DGAF. Poutine, the original hot mess of foodstuffs, is common in Canada but harder to come by stateside. The seasoned chips are thick and potato-y in every bite and are not overpowered by the spiced brown gravy ($7.99). Our only qualm? R&C uses shredded cheddar instead of cheese curds. Nobody's perfect.

House Frites from Zinc Bistro Grab a seat at Zinc Bistro's chic French art deco bar and be transported to a land with condescending service and high-brow customers. If you're into that sort of thing (or can ignore it, like we can for great fries), you're in for a treat! Zinc's thinly sliced seasoned fries ($5) are tossed in marjoram and paprika for an exotic twist. The fries have a mayo-based aioli and ketchup on the side for dipping, but we don't think they need them.

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