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10 Cringe-Worthy Candies That Probably Taste Awesome

Candy just isn't what it used to be. We have entered a world where nothing is sacred and anything goes. And we're not just talking about gum that changes flavor half way through or candy that you spray into your mouth, those are gross but they certainly can't hold a candle to what's on our list. These confections have crossed several lines to make you want to actually cringe at the thought of them. 

1. Urine and Blood Sample Candy - A soft introduction to the world of the golden shower or maybe it's just time for you to earn those red wings. These liquid candies are actually packaged in real specimen containers for that authentic "I"m drinking pee" feeling.

2. Gummy Boo-Boos - Band-aids are creepy. Especially when they aren't yours. So imagine the terror of watching someone take a band-aid off and start licking the ooze that has attached itself to the little white pad. You can do just that with these gems of the candy world just with a slightly more flavorful aftertaste.

3. Meatball Bubble Gum - Chewing on a giant wad of meat sounds pretty appealing. Really, who doesn't like having balls in their mouth? These are actually on the lower end of gross, since they are basically just brown bubble gum-flavored gum balls, but a gross idea none the less.

4. Sweet Shot - Finding a hypodermic needle in a bag of candy is every parent's worst nightmare. Normally filled with "candy," (read: heroin and disease-riddled), one marketing whiz thought this would make a great treat for kids. So inject away, little ones -- better to get hooked on the delicious sugary flavor of blue raspberry then the taste of something a little harder.

5. Giant Gummy Bear - This guy doesn't normally make the lists of gross candy, probably because people are too busy admiring the novelty of it. If you really think about 5 lbs gummy bear and actually eating the thing, though, it's pretty gross. First off, if you can consume 12,600 calories of gummy bear in one sitting, that's just disgusting and you should seek help. Second, if you can't, then you have a half-eaten, giant gummy bear that you have been drooling on for 30 minutes, that you are now going to wrap up in plastic wrap trapping all of your mouth germs untill you return to the sad-looking thing a week later. Gross. 

6. Fear Factor Candy Cockroaches -  The absolute worst thing about smashing cockroaches is the crunching noise they make when your shoe comes down on their disgusting bodies. These candy roaches bring that same feeling to your mouth. Crunchy candy surrounds a gummy roach body. At least they are cola flavored.

7. Earwax Candy - Open up the plastic ear and dig the candy "cotton swab" into the inner and pull out the goo that is suppose to be "ear wax". This is by far one of the foulest food concepts we have ever encountered. Drinking urine -- understandable. Licking ear wax off a cotton swab -- ewww.

*Sadly we can't find a link to where to purchase this treat. If you know where we can get one, please share!

8. Zit Poppers Candy  - If you are one of those people who takes it upon yourself to pop other people's pimples because you are a sicko that gets off on feeling pus ooze out of a pore, then these are the perfect candy for you. If that ain't you, then you will be repulsed by these strawberry flavored sticky "pus" filled gummies that you can actually "pop".

9. William Shakespeare Head Lollipops - You're right, there isn't anything wrong with William Shakespeare. And blueberry flavored lollipops are great. However, these lollipops look more like Porn Star Ron Jeremy and no one wants his head in their mouth.

*Discontinued. We have no idea why.

10. The Incredible Edible Anus - Try to Google search that at work. Handcrafted from pure Belgian Chocolate and available in three flavors. WHY? Someone please tell us why this product exists. On second thought, we don't actually want to know.  

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