10 Cringe-Worthy Candies That Probably Taste Awesome

Candy just isn't what it used to be. We have entered a world where nothing is sacred and anything goes. And we're not just talking about gum that changes flavor half way through or candy that you spray into your mouth, those are gross but they certainly can't hold a candle to what's on our list. These confections have crossed several lines to make you want to actually cringe at the thought of them. 

1. Urine and Blood Sample Candy - A soft introduction to the world of the golden shower or maybe it's just time for you to earn those red wings. These liquid candies are actually packaged in real specimen containers for that authentic "I"m drinking pee" feeling.

2. Gummy Boo-Boos - Band-aids are creepy. Especially when they aren't yours. So imagine the terror of watching someone take a band-aid off and start licking the ooze that has attached itself to the little white pad. You can do just that with these gems of the candy world just with a slightly more flavorful aftertaste.

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Shannon Armour
Contact: Shannon Armour