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$10 Lunch at Harumi Sushi in Downtown Phoenix

Lunch break means a quick dash to pick up a cheeseburger or sub down the street, right? Not always. Don't let your sad wallet get in the way of your Japanese fix. Head over with us to Harumi Sushi.

Located at Adams Street and First Avenue, Harumi Sushi serves more than you'd think for under $10. Following the concept of eateries like Panda Express and Chipotle, Harumi lets guests who prefer a bento box choose meat, rice, and other sides in an assembly-line fashion.

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Another option, a "Grab & Go Sushi Package," features more than 10 pre-made rolls ranging in price from $4 to $14 and made with purple rice and rolled daily.

A bento box ranges from $6 to $8, depending on the meat.

The beef bulgoki was a must-try for only $8. As we made our way through the line, we had to yell our choice of fried rice to the server on the other side of the plexiglass because of the hisses and sizzles from the grill behind him. Portions of fried rice and beef were generous. The veggie mix, tofu, sweet potato tempura, spicy cucumber, and salad were wonderful complements and were included in the price.

The texture of the beef was just right. It had that melt-in-your-mouth feel, as opposed to being tough, and it paired well with the sticky consistency of the fried rice. The rice, along with the meats, is not prepared in mass quantities; no need to worry about dried-out rice.

The sides were a nice add-on to the plate, with the spicy cucumbers giving a nod to Korean barbecue. Japanese-style salads were good, but the sweet potato tempura piece was cold.

For guests who have a little extra cash to spend, specialty rolls can be ordered and prepared for you, along with any of Harumi's dinner selections.

Harumi Sushi's lunch hours 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday through Friday. Here's to Asian fast-food done right.

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