10 Phoenix Food Emoji You Need on Your Phone

We think it's time to put Phoenix on the map when it comes to the most ubiquitous form of self-expression these days — the emoji. Here are 10 emoji every Phoenix food scenester needs on his or her phone. And, yes, we've got your taco. 

Chef Chris Bianco: What better says, "Hey, let's get pizza!" than the head of our best-known chef. (Accompany it with the wood-fired pizza above.) 

Prickly Pear Margarita: If there are two things Phoenix has a lot of, it's prickly pear cactus — and tequila. 

Sonoran Hot Dog: The hometown favorite. 

Ghost Pepper: If you like it hot, here's how to say so. 

Chimichanga: Some say it was invented at Macayo's in Phoenix, others at El Charro in Tucson. We say, "Dibs!" 

Guacamole: Guac is practically a food group around here. 

Fry Bread: Follow this one with a bunch of broken-hearts to indicate the resulting clogged arteries. 

Orange Blossom Beer: Papago Brewing's citrus blend should be the state beer. 

Paleta: Chill out with a staple of the local dessert scene.

Taco: You're welcome. 

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