Pie Social

10 Tips for Baking Vegan Pie (and a Recipe for Dark Chocolate Mousse Pie)

When you think of vegan and gluten free baking, you may be under the impression that limited options exist that could fulfill such seemingly restrictive parameters. Yet, the opposite could not be more accurate. Whether you have adopted an animal friendly lifestyle, have dairy and/or egg allergies, or are simply trying to reduce your cholesterol, vegan baked goods can easily be added into your rotation. There is no need to give up your favorite treats, especially at the holidays. And if the fifth annual Chow Bella Pie Social on Saturday, November 15th doesn't inspire you to try your hand at pie making, you will certainly be on your way to mastering the dark chocolate mousse pie recipe below after learning a few methods for replacing dairy and eggs. Your heart -- and guests -- will thank you.

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Marisa J. Lown