The Gladly brings class and elegance to your whiskey experience.EXPAND
The Gladly brings class and elegance to your whiskey experience.
Courtesy of The Gladly

10 Whiskey Bars in Greater Phoenix

Whiskey is a tricky alcohol to discuss. First off, there's the spelling. Do you drink whisky or whiskey? It typically comes down to region (but it's whiskey in America). Then there's the bar order. Water, rocks, or neat? That depends on your personal palette. Then there's the way whiskey is made. Some prefer peaty scotch, others hanker for a rye, and then there are those who concern themselves more with the distilling process.

Regardless of region, grain, or distilling, most drinkers can agree: When it comes to whiskey, variety is the spice of life. And we've rounded up 10 bars in the Valley that give you that extra pinch.

The Gladly
2201 East Camelback Road

Famous for their Original Chopped Salad, The Gladly is an upscale and modern option for foodies and whiskey connoisseurs alike. Their whiskey list boasts hundreds of options separated by region and style. The options are nearly overwhelming, but if you know what you like, it's easy to find variations on your preferred style. If you don't know what you like, The Gladly provides a perfect opportunity to explore the myriad options available across the globe. Domestic, Irish, Scottish, Canadian, and Asian whiskeys abound.

Cotton & Copper is making its mark on the restaurant scene with excellent food and drinks.EXPAND
Cotton & Copper is making its mark on the restaurant scene with excellent food and drinks.
Jackie Mercandetti

Cotton & Copper
1006 East Warner Road, Tempe

This one is for all the bourbon drinkers out there. New kid on the block Cotton & Copper hit the restaurant scene with a bang in July 2018. Their seasonal food menu has a strong focus on Arizona, as indicated by the two out of five Cs of Arizona in their name. Their whiskey menu offers dozens of options and styles with an extra long list of bourbons. Though corn isn't one of the five Cs of Arizona, it is the main ingredient in bourbon.

Rula Bula Irish Pub
401 South Mill Avenue, Tempe

Rula Bula's bar is a real slice of Irish heaven. Built to resemble a saddlery shop from centuries past, the bar transports you straight to the Emerald Isle as soon as you walk through its colorful facade. The whiskeys are plentiful and the environment playful at this Mill Avenue staple. In addition to a wide array of spirits, Rula Bula also has hearty meals, live music, and pub trivia.

Fox Cigar Bar is far from short on their whiskey selection.EXPAND
Fox Cigar Bar is far from short on their whiskey selection.
Bri Valdivia

Fox Cigar Bar
Multiple Locations

The smell of cigars hangs heavy and the walls are lined with bottle after bottle of brown liquor. Patrons peruse the wares in a glass room. Welcome to Fox Cigar Bar, a place to sit back, relax, and sink into creature comforts. The atmosphere is as versatile as its whiskey list, with people from all walks of life intermingling throughout the spacious bar. Each location has hundreds of whiskeys and scotches from which to choose.

Seamus McCaffrey's Irish Pub and Restaurant
18 West Monroe Street

The old standard for any whiskey drinker worth their snuff is Seamus McCaffrey's. Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, Seamus has been serving patrons since 1991, and the exterior and interior look well loved. If The Winchester from Shaun of yhe Dead had an American counterpart packed to the gills with whiskey ... well, this is that bar. The online menu boasts that it's "Arizona's largest whiskey selection," and based on the endless scrolling they just might be right.

705 North First Street

Formerly known as The Turf (another downtown Irish pub), Chambers has long been a pub staple in downtown Phoenix. A large whiskey selection and several large screen TVs make this a great location for mixing quality spirits with the big game. If your perfect evening involves sports and bourbon, then Chambers is your kind of bar.

Haymakers offers these beautiful sights and more.EXPAND
Haymakers offers these beautiful sights and more.
Courtesy of Haymaker

Multiple Locations

Haymaker is a cozy and warm restaurant with a down-home feel. The food is locally sourced when possible and the whiskey is brought in from all over the place. They also have a lengthy gluten-free menu. And though whiskey is inherently gluten free, technically all of these bars and restaurants have a gluten free menu.

Blue Hound is chock full of atmosphere and liquor.EXPAND
Blue Hound is chock full of atmosphere and liquor.
Courtesy of Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix

Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
2 East Jefferson Street

Classy, rustic, and perfect for a dinner date, Blue Hound has phenomenal food and an atmosphere to match. Their cocktail list has several delicious seasonal whiskey cocktails and their brown liquor list is lengthy. Whiskey fans should also keep an eye out for special tasting events; they only happen once in a blue moon, but when they do, the selection is phenomenal.

Hundred North is bright, fun, and full of options.EXPAND
Hundred North is bright, fun, and full of options.
Bri Valdivia

Hundred North Bar & Kitchen
100 North Gilbert Road, Gilbert

This airy bar is just south of the main drag in downtown Gilbert. The environment is super-casual, with a wide-open floor plan, 30 beer taps, and a whiskey list that is literally the thickness of a novel. Rare whiskeys are rotated into the list, and once they're gone, they're gone forever. The options are almost overwhelming, but if you have a strong will and high tolerance, you're in for one hell of a ride.

Kazimierz is now open and ready to cater to your whiskey needs.EXPAND
Kazimierz is now open and ready to cater to your whiskey needs.
Courtesy of Kazimerz

7137 East Stetson Drive, Scottsdale

Formerly known as Kazimierz Wine Bar, Kazimierz Wine and Whiskey Bar reopened in January with a new vibe and new whiskey program. Patrons can store their high-end whiskey in lockers and also choose from over 500 whiskeys from across the world. Their full menu is available until close every night, making the bar a perfect stop for the urban night owl.

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