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12 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a "D" From the County Health Department in May

2015 has not been good to McDonald's: Between declining sales and bad PR with the rollout of the new Hamburglar, the Golden Arches could use a win. Too bad two McDonald's restaurants in metro Phoenix scored a "D" on a county health department inspection last month. And it doesn't look so good for ten other Valley restaurants, either — places that racked up all sorts of violations. We saw a lot of hand-washing problems while combing through May's reports, which might make you think twice about your next meal out.

McDonald’s, Phoenix (2611 N. 75th Ave.)

“During the time of the inspection there was fish and chicken hot holding in the hot holding unit at 112*F-130*F. The items were voluntarily discarded. Ensure all items are at holding at 135*F or higher at all times.”

McDonald’s, Glendale (6002 N. 59th Ave.)

“During the time of the inspection there were 2 boxes of salad dressing sitting on the hand wash sink near the ice machine. The items were moved. Ensure all hand wash sinks are easily accessible at all times.”

Raspachos El Zalate, Phoenix (5887 W. Indian School Road)

“Instructed employee to wash hands and she used a cold small wash bucket and sponge for less than 5 seconds to wash at three compartment sink… Instructed person in charge to keep handsink on and functioning regardless of leak as proper handwashing is of prime food safety. Instructed both employee and person in charge to wash hands.”

SIP Organic Juice Bar, Chandler (2055 W. Frye Road)

“Observed wheat grass for use in smoothies was located directly above refrigerated display case and was not protected from contamination by consumers. Reviewed public health risk and alternative storage methods of wheat grass at time of inspection.”

El Pollo Correteado, Phoenix (2904 W. McDowell Road)

“Cooked macaroni noodles were found maintaining at 90°F. Person in charge indicated that he had cooked and placed item to cool in the walk in cooler at noon. Item was measured at 2:05 PM. Cooked macaroni noodles were found in a large strainer basket covered and tied in a plastic bag. Spanish liaison discussed cooling methods, practices, and cooling time frames with person in charge.”

El Rincon Sinaloense, Phoenix (7540 W. Indian School Road)

“Sanitizer water was very cloudy with food residue in it. Keep sanitizer clean and remake when it becomes dirty.”

Duke’s Grill, Chandler (980 E. Pecos Road)

“Organic food residues found remaining on the blade guard, underside of the blade, and other surfaces of the meat slicer from a previous day of use - operator removed the unit from service at time”

Samarkand Restaurant, Phoenix (7823 N. 19th Ave)

“Observed zucchini cakes sitting out at 85'F per manager for about 30 minutes. Person in charge and employees screamed at inspector about having to put them in the walk in cooler and did not want to comply. Person in charge eventually put zucchini cakes in the walk in cooler. Discussed proper cooling methods with person in charge.”

Ralph’s Snack Bar, Food Truck (No. 829)

“Noted one of the exhaust fans is not operating.”

sN Pacific Rim Asian Kitchen, Mesa (1236 E. Baseline Road)

“Crate of cucumbers on floor, open bag of rice under soiled ladder rung, stored dry products (flour and sugar) under prep sink (filled with raw chicken). Flour and sugar and other products moved to safe storage areas.”

Streets of New York, Phoenix (1985 W. Happy Valley Road)

"Observed rubbing alcohol and cough medicine stored on a lower shelf next to and leaning on a bag of flour. Medicine was removed from the shelf and stored in an appropriate storage area."

Mccaffrey's Irish Pub, Phoenix (906 E. Camelback Road)

"Observed salsa in prep cooler at 47'F per person in charge for 2.5 hours, cut tomatoes between 46-49'F and shredded chees [sic] at 49'F all for about 2.5 hours. Had person in charge move to walk in to get down to 41'F."

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