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13 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Scored a 'D' on County Health Inspections in December 2016

Every week, the county's health inspectors within Maricopa County Environmental Services give restaurants grades after completing inspections. Participation in the rating system, however, is voluntary, which means owners or managers do not have to accept a grade after an inspection; instead, the restaurants are listed online as "not participating." And in some cases, grades posted online may change, which typically means a restaurant has provided necessary documentation for food safety or fixed a critical issue that led to a low grade. Here's a more detailed explanation.

When it comes to health inspections, there are a lot of rules to heed: Employees should know the proper temperatures for hot and cold foods, they should know how to avoid cross contamination, and so much more. Unfortunately, some restaurants slip up — and that's why the county health inspector exists.

Looking for breakfast? What about Thai for lunch? Check this list before you head out:

IHOP, Glendale (6601 West Peoria Avenue)

"Employee put raw hamburger patty on grill with gloved hands and then touched the toasted bun, used tongs at the sandwich station to out pickle on plate, used salt and pepper shaker, and opened up refrigerator door. Once employee handles raw animal foods, they need to remove gloves and wash hands before handling equipment and utensils (preventing the spread of cross contamination)."

Chon Thai Food, Chandler (2330 North Alma School Road, #116-118)

"PIC [person-in-charge] on duty at time of inspection has no proof of food service worker training or manager training and is unaware of basic food safety measures."

Fibber Magees, Chandler (1989 West Elliot Road, #19)

"Hummus and cooked eggs available in reach-in 3 and 8 days past discard date mark. Embargoed. Manager discarded."

Harumi Sushi, Phoenix (114 West Adams Street)

"Hand wash sink in back kitchen was blocked by boxes. PIC moved boxes and will keep hand wash sinks accessible at all times."

Carniceria El Rancho Grande, Phoenix (4227 South Central Avenue)

"This establishment sells raw shrimp ceviche with lime and there is no consumer advisory available. Please provide a disclosure by either describing the product as being raw or undercooked (i.e. raw oysters, burgers cooked to order) or by utilizing an asterisk directing them to a footnote that describes the item as being served raw or undercooked prior to reinspection."

Detroit Coney Cruiser No. 1 (Food truck)

"Observed employee with gloves on touch hair and continue to handle utensils to handle food. Informed manager employees are to remove gloves and wash hands once they touch their hair, face or any other contaminate. Manager informed employee to remove gloves and wash hands."

Jewel's Bakery Cafe, Phoenix (4041 East Thomas Road, #101)

"Observed container of cooked red rice in the walk-in cooler dated 12/4, which exceeds the 7 day timeframe. Rice was discarded. Cooked and/or commercially processed TCS food must be dated and used or discarded within 7 days."

The Iowa Cafe, Mesa (1129 North Higley Road)

"Observed bags of sausage patties that were cooling from earlier today at 51'F and a container of covered shredded beef at 80'F in the walk-in cooler at the time of the inspection. Explained to person in charge that cooling food items must be uncovered and in shallow containers to facilitate further cooling."

Tacos California Dogos Estilo Sonora, Phoenix (6719 West Thomas Road)

"The serve out window and door were left open and there was no screen at the serve out window. The serve out window and door were closed to correct."

Kabab Palace, Tempe (710 West Elliot Road, #108)

"Observed cooked potatoes being stored in a milk crate in the walk-in at the time of inspection. Utilize a container that facilitates easy cleaning. Had operator relocate the potatoes to a different container at the time of inspection."

Local Bistro, Scottsdale (20581 North Hayden Road, #115)

"Wall near the dish machine is soiled and moldy. Floor below the large mixer is extremely dirty. Clean and maintain throughout as needed."

Chaparral Winds, Surprise (16617 West Point Parkway)

"Observed 6" deep pan of cooked white rice in walk-in cooler at 51* F. Per the person in charge, the item was made yesterday and was dated 12/13. Item was discarded."

Carniceria Michoacan, Phoenix (3549 West Thomas Road)

"Containers of cooked tripas (11/29 & 11/30) and cooked pork rinds with meat (11/30) were observed in the walk-in refrigerator. Food items were held for more than 7 days without disposing."

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