Wake Up Call

$150,000 Will Buy You a Space Shuttle Food Truck

Play the video before you continue reading. Trust us, it'll enhance the reading experience and really set the mood.

Rebuilt from the hull of a Douglas DC-3 the Space Shuttle Cafe started operation in 2005. But the history of the underlying vehicle stretches back to WWII. It was converted from mere airplane to street legal roadster in 1976 via the expedient method of welding it to a GMC Bus frame. After tooling around the streets of the world for decades, it was purchased in 2001 by a couple that refurbished it and installed a full commercial kitchen.

The eBay listing claims that the vehicle is still fully functional and capable of being driven from its current home in Southern California to points as yet unknown.

So lean back, Phoenix entrepreneurs, let the soul-stirring chords of Aerosmith and '90s nostalgia-shlock wash over you and imagine your future with this chariot of the gods:

We would humbly suggest that the buyer of this vehicle go in whole hog and complete the ensemble with accurate astronaut suits. Furthermore, we'd like to see them really buy into the theme and serve only the best ultra-pasteurized foods from tubes and other airtight containers. It probably couldn't hurt to stock up on not-really-astronaut-ice-cream for the kiddos.

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