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16 Metro Phoenix Restaurants Earned a 'D' from the County Health Department in September

It's the second month in a row that a total of 16 restaurants in the Valley scored a 'D' from the county health inspector, a higher number than usual for our monthly list. The newly opened Crust location in downtown Chandler made the list, as did Cafe Tranquilo at the Clarendon Hotel. 

Once again, it's time to check this list and cross your fingers your favorite place isn't on it. 

Streets of New York, Phoenix (201 East Jefferson Boulevard)

"Grease trap downstream from hand wash sink and prep sink was backing up heavily. Dirty water was leaking on floor every time hand wash sink and prep sink were used. Person in charge is having a plumber come to repair the fix."

The Beer Research Institute, Mesa (1641 South Stapley Drive) 

"Two employees in kitchen with heavy beards and no beard restraints. Obtain and use beard restraints or nets."

Barro's Pizza, Mesa (1113 South Signal Butte Road Suite 106)

"Observed several areas under/around equipment in the back (prep table, mixer, mop sink chemical bag holders, soda box area) that had an accumulation of debris, filth and dust at the time of the inspection."

Del Taco, Chandler (1035 South Arizona Avenue)

"Pizza cutter used to cut quesidillas [sic] had an accumulation of dried food particles and grease marks around blade. Per manager, pizza cutter gets cleaned every night and has been in use since breakfast which is at 6 a.m."

Crust Simply Italian, Chandler (10 North San Marcos Place)

"No hand soap available at hand sink inside pizza station. Kitchen employee placed bottle of soap by sink. Kitchen manager will re-train staff on the need of hand washing cleanser."

Zipps Sports Grill, Scottsdale (7551 East Camelback Road)

"Observed box of yams sitting directly on floor in front of prep sink and in water accumulated on floor. Direct contamination was not observed. Box was removed from floor."

Moreno's Mexican Grill, Chandler (2100 South Gilbert Road Suite 13)

"Can opener blade found with excessive organic food deposits from a previous day of use - worker washed, rinsed, and sanitized the can opener blade at time."

Ah-So Sushi & Steak, Phoenix (2450 West Happy Valley Road Suite 1141)

"No documentation could be provided showing that fish (excluding tuna) that is served raw has been treated to eliminate parasites."

Sushi Ken, Phoenix (4206 East Chandler Boulevard Suite 7)

"Observed significant accumulation of grease and food debris on the sides of the fryer and stove, on the walls, and on the floor under equipment."

McDonald's, Mesa (9145 East Apache Trail)

"Observed bottle of Clorox cleaner with bleach stored next to the ketchup machine under the fountain machine in the dining room area at the time of the inspection. Informed person in charge that chemicals must be stored separately from food items."

Hong Kong Gourmet Buffet, Phoenix (4909 East Chandler Boulevard)

"At the bar, observed accumulation of brown organic debris in the interior of the soda nozzles and soda gun."

La Sonorense No 2 Bakery, Phoenix (3029 West Van Buren Street)

"A rolling cart of trays/shelves full of baked bread rolls was found stationed in the front public area of the establishment uncovered and unprotected. It was stationed directly in front of the entry way of the front door, which was open at time of inspection."

Freddy's Frozen Custard, Phoenix (4929 West Bell Road)

"Heavy accumulation of grease liquid debris on floor and plastic buckets next to 3 compartment sink and by handwashing sink."

Cafe Tranquilo, Phoenix (401 West Clarendon Avenue)

"A container of house-made chilaquiles sauce in walk-in refrigerator was made on 9/20. Person in charge discarded. Make sure all TCS (temperature control for safety food) is discarded within 7 days."

Apache Wells Country Club, Mesa (5601 East Hermosa Vista Drive)

"Observed several chemical spray bottles stored hanging on a shelf above dry pasta in the back prep storage room. Observed several chemical spray bottles stored hanging on a shelf next to single service food containers at the bar."

Carl's Jr./ Green Burrito, Phoenix (2343 East Bell Road)

"Employee did not wash his hands again after wiping his mouth and then donned gloves and began to work with exposed food. Employee was asked to wash his hands and did so."

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