24 Legitimately Fascinating Facts About Beer

We're a sucker for a good infographic, and this one is a doozy. We were particularly amused by the revelation that hops, which gives many beers their distinctive strong flavor, is genetically related to cannabis. Perhaps when legalization finally sweeps the nation we can look forward to extra-strong IPAs?

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Which brings us to another interesting beer fact: The origins of the India Pale Ale. Many probably assumed that IPAs have little to do with India, but, in fact, they were popularized because heavily hopped beers kept better on their journey to India during the British colonial era. The full history is a bit more intense and laden with a discussion about shifting trade tariffs and comparative advantages in production methods.

If anything, this infographic should give you a healthy respect for how beer has wound its way through the whole of human history, and it should come as a surprise to none that one of our earliest written records as a species is in fact, a recipe for beer.

Via: visual.ly

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