35 New Foods to Try at the 2016 Arizona State Fair

Phoenix, you'd better start dieting now, because you're going to need one hell of a cheat day when you visit the 2016 Arizona State Fair. From deep-fried candy and butter to caffeinated creations that will give you enough energy to play every game on the midway, the food at this year's Arizona State Fair promises to be as utterly decadent as ever. 

Sure, you'll be able to find yourself an oversize turkey leg and a funnel cake or two, but why would you want to stick to the classics when this year's food vendors have so many novel edible creations to offer? We've rounded up the whole list of new food items set to debut at the fair this year so you can start planning your fair-food eating frenzy now. 

Here's the rundown on 35 new foods to try at the 2016 Arizona State Fair: 

Blueberry Pretzel (PHD & Me Pretzel)
Deep Fried Banana Split (Sally’s Ice Cream, J&L)
PB & J Funnel Cake (Funnel Lot; J&L)
Deep Fried Caramel Macchiato and Deep Fried Hot Chocolate (Funnel Lot; J&L)
Sriracha Mayo Dog (Fhat Dawgs; Tin Lizzy)
Bacon Wrapped French Toast Bombs (Bacon A-Fair; Brogdon Enterprises)
Frito Pie Chili Cheese Burger (Gourmet Burger; Top Notch Concessions)
Shrimp Tacos and Tilapia Tacos (Ricos Man Jares Mosita)
Tostada De Ceviche (Ricos Man Jares Mosita)
Mexican Carne Asada Fries: Fries covered with cheese sauce, meat, bacon, pepperjack cheese, and sour cream (Carne Cafe Taco Stand; Carne Cafe Concessions)
Deep Fried Tamale on a Stick (Carne Cafe Taco Stand; Carne Cafe Concessions)
Deep Fried Chocolate Covered Cinnamon Roll (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats)
Deep Fried PB&J Cheesecake (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats)
Deep Fried Butterfinger (Sweet Cheeks; Sweet Cheeks Fried Treats)
Dragon Wings: Twice fried, bone-in chicken wings dipped in orange sauce (Egg Roll On A Stick)
Cherry and Peach Supreme Funnel Cakes (Funnel Cakes West)
Mowie Wowie Pineapples: Pineapple bowls with beef, chicken, sausage, rib, shrimp, and fruit (Ricardo’s Hawaiian Feast)
The Sun Devil: Coffee, hot cocoa, orange, and vanilla extracts, topped with whipped cream and chocolate (Affogato)
The Affogato: Soft serve with a shot of espresso (Affogato)
Turkish Delight (Dessert World)
Deep Fried Reese-Oreo (Granny’s Cheesecake & More)
Coconut Macaroons and French Sable Cookies (Eli’s French Bakery)
Gourmet Licorice (Timbo’s II)
Selfie Sno Cone: Snow cone with lollipops and sour candy topped with cotton candy (Biggy’s)
Picked Cheese on a Stick (Get Pickled O Pete’s)
Bacon Nutella Pickle (Get Pickled O Pete’s)
Pickle Fries (Get Pickled O Pete’s)
Deep Fried Nachos (Spud Ranch BBQ)
Truffle Shuffle Baked Potato (Spud Ranch BBQ)
Reese’s Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake)
Nutella Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake)
Oreo Funnel Cake (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake)
Oreo Churro (Dutchmen’s Funnel Cake)
Deep Fried Butter: Buttery balls patted with powdered sugar and drizzled in maple syrup (Fried A Fair/Fried A Fair #2)

The Arizona State Fair opens on Friday, October 7, and runs until Sunday, October 30. During its run, the fair will be open Wednesday through Sunday with gates opening at noon on weekdays and at 10 a.m. on weekends. 

Regular admission costs $5 for children and $10 for adults. For more information, check the Arizona State Fair website
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Lauren Saria
Contact: Lauren Saria