3D Printer Makes Designs Out of Nutella

3D printing is pretty cool no matter what material you're using and the possibilities are endless. Joining the ranks of sugar, fruit, pancakes, chocolate, and cocktail ice, a company based out of Ontario, Canada is now boasting 3D designs made from Nutella. So basically everything is great.

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Disco3ry's 3D printer can use a variety of materials to make designs. From silicone to clay to sugar-based icing to (of course) Nutella, the printer can pretty much make whatever you want it to with whatever you want it to. We expect the world of boutique confections is about to get a lot more intricate and beautiful in the next few years.

While you can certainly contribute to the company's Kickstarter, they've already doubled their $30,000 goal and then some. But, when you offer people the ability to print anything they want out of Nutella, you're obviously going to get a good response.

Maybe we should start printing the paper on Nutella...

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