5 Best Restaurants in Glendale Right Now

We'll admit that Glendale is always a great place to do some vintage shopping and a worthwhile place to dine before catching a concert or game, and right now it's also ground zero for football fans from all over the country.

As such, we thought it'd be an appropriate time to show some love to our favorite spots in Glendale -- and they're a diverse bunch. Whether you're looking for a charming family-owned spot in the heart of the city's downtown or on the hunt for a one-of-kind dining adventure, there's plenty to eat in this Valley suburb.

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La Piazza Al Forno

This west side family-owned and operated pizzeria is famous city-wide for its real-deal Neopolian style pizzas. It's also been endorsed by the Food Network's own Guy Fieri, who featured the restaurant on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. One of several excellent and authentic pizza spots in town, La Piazza Al Forno stands out for offering reasonable prices and a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. As far as ordering goes, try the classic Regina Margherita D.O.C. or the Salvatore, made with tomatoes, house made mozzarella, olive oil, and prosciutto di parma.


This relatively new restaurant comes courtesy of Tom Harvey and breathes new life into a downtown neighborhood that largely relies on old school charm. It's a good thing though and if you're looking for updated, yet approachable New American eats Cuff hands-down your best option in town. Harvey's specialties include posole, to which he adds roasted pork pot stickers along with hominy and tomato-chiptole broth. The fried shrimp po boy is also a solid lunch option, featuring breaded shrimp and a spicy remoulade.

Lucky's King Wah

If you're brave enough to try this off-the-beaten-path, super-authentic Glendale strip mall restaurant, then you're probably also brave enough to order the famous Chef's Special. At Lucky's King Wah this means leaving the dish selection up to the chef, which sounds scary but always ensures you'll have excellent Cantonese cuisine. For the less trusting, try plates of Hong Kong-style fried rice, honey walnut shrimp, or fried cubes of silken tofu topped with shrimp. The offal offerings are also quite enjoyable, in particular an appetizer of vibrant red pieces of crispy and fatty fried pork intestine.

A Touch of European Cafe

After an exhausting day of wandering through downtown Glendale's many antique shops, there's nothing quite as comforting as a big bowl of soup. For that, you'll want A Touch of European Cafe, a small and welcoming restaurant located just off the main downtown drag. Here, Waldemar Okula and his wife serve up Polish eats the likes of which you'd never expect to find in the state. Look forward to a selection of daily soups (cross your fingers for pickle soup), as well as fresh perogies, homemade kielbasa, and more.

La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop

Most people with a serious affinity for Mexican eats will know the name La Santisima, and if not, it may only be because you're still calling this spot by its former name, La Condessa. But what you might not realize is than in addition to a location in central Phoenix, this restaurant has a second location not far from the heart of downtown Glendale. As with the original location look forward to a simple but satisfying selection of tacos, corn quesadillas, and burros complemented by the restaurant's impressive salsa bar. Each of the traditional and modern salsas is made fresh, in-house every day.

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