Guilty Pleasures

A Local Lowbrow Legend: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee

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The Guilty Pleasure: Combination plate, preferably with a Jade Red Chicken Quesadilla Where to Get It: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee Price: About $8 What It Really Costs: Calories at least in 4 digits. If you have to ask...

Since I've started to write about guilty pleasures, there has been one request, again and again: Chino Bandido Takee-Outee. They're nothing short of a local lowbrow legend. To say that Chino Bandido is no-frills is a bit of an understatement. You order at the counter by filling out a form almost as complex as your taxes. Tables are mostly the collapsible banquet kind. Your food comes to you in a foil to-go plate. But, it's near the top of my list to recommend to friends visiting from out of town. Why would I send everyone I know to this outright dive?

It's all about the food, my friends.

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