Adam Richman, Host of Man v. Food Takes On Chompies, Los Reyes de la Torta, Alice Cooper's Big Unit, and Scottsdale Guilt This Wednesday on The Travel Channel

This Wednesday, former All My Children actor and current host of Man v. Food, Adam Richman, travels to Phoenix to stop at Los Reyes de la Torta and Alice Cooperstown, before taking on the Ultimate Slider Challenge at Chompie's. The challenge, which will air Wednesday night at 9 p.m. on the Travel Channel, gives Adam 30 minutes to down five pounds of Jewish sliders (mini challah rolls filled with brisket, potato pancake, and jack cheese, with a side of brown gravy) and onion rings. Go Adam!

The best part: we get Chompies sliders for 99 cents this Wednesday. The not-so-good part: Adam goes shopping on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale. More after the jump.

To celebrate this week's airing of Man v. Food in Phoenix, Chompies will be offering their Jewish sliders for just 99 cents (regularly $3.99 each) from 10:30 a.m. to close Wednesday, July 14 -- minimum two per person.

For a good laugh with your Chompie's lunch, check out this video of Adam, obviously under some form of contractual obligation, as he finds the six people shopping on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale to tell the world how "hip" shopping on 5th Avenue in Scottsdale is. Bonus drinking game: take a shot every time the horse fountain is shown -- whee!

Now here's this week's foodie TV schedule so you won't miss a thing. For cable channels, check your local listings.

Monday (July 12)

Rachael Ray: "Summer Burger Recipes." Recipes for provolone-sausage-stuffed sliders and pimento cheeseburgers are shared. 4 p.m., Channel 5, CBS

FoodCrafters: "Grow." Vegetables. Included: brining vegetables in Brooklyn; cultivating the seeds of rare vegetables in San Francisco; harvesting sea vegetables off the Maine coast. Also: heirloom beans in California. 7 p.m., The Cooking Channel

Unique Eats:
"Small Plates." Mexican dishes are sampled. Also: Italian food in New York. 7:30 p.m., The Cooking Channel

Kid in a Candy Store: "Take the Cake." Creative cakes are sampled, including deep-fried cupcake sundaes from a sweets shop in Somerville, Massachusetts, and roasted cakes from a German bakery in Chicago. Also: a Hostess factory in Biddeford, Maine, is toured. 8 p.m., Food Network

Cake Boss: "6-foot Sub Sandwich, Zeppoles & A Sick Mauro." It's Easter week, so the crew is extra busy cranking out all the holiday favorites. Also: a 6-ft. cake in the shape of a sub sandwich is made for a local deli's 100th anniversary. 9 p.m., TLC

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives: "Kansas City Barbecue Tour." A tour of top barbecue joints in Kansas City, Missouri. Featured eats include smoked pork; deep-fried barbecued chicken; baby-back ribs; and burnt ends. 10 p.m., Food Network

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations: "Heartland." The host travels through America's heartland in search of unsung heroes of the country's food scene. Stops include Denver; Austin; Michigan; Milwaukee; Minneapolis; and Columbus, Ohio. 10 p.m., The Travel Channel

Tuesday (July 13)

Iron Chef: "Battle Mochi." Chef Chen vs. Toshiuyki Nakagawa in a moshi-rice challenge. 8 p.m., The Cooking Channel

Chopped: "Rowdy With a Chance of Meatballs." The chefs must use perch in their appetizers; cheese crackers in their entrées; and hard candy and hard liquor in their desserts. 10 p.m., Food Network

Wednesday (July 14)

(Local Focus!) Man v. Food: "Phoenix." Adam visits Chompie's deli in Phoenix and attempts their "Ultimate Slider Challenge," which requires him to eat 5 pounds of food, including a dozen sliders filled with brisket, cheese, and potato pancakes, and a side of onion rings topped with brown gravy. While in Arizona, the host also indulges in a loaded 2-foot hot dog. 9 p.m., Travel Channel

Top Chef: Washington D.C.: "Farm Policy." It's a fab crab grab when the meal mavens must cook with an Eastern Shore delicacy - blue-crab meat. Later, they visit a Virginia Farm to serve up fare with fresh ingredients. Chef and restaurateur Patrick O'Connell serves as guest judge. 9 p.m., Bravo

Thursday (July 15)

Ace of Cakes: "30 Rock (And Roll)" Tina Fey asks Duff to make a cake that will appear in an episode of 30 Rock. She also requests a second cake as a surprise for the cast and crew to celebrate their season finale. 10 p.m., Food Network

Friday (July 16)

Iron Chef: "Battle Soybean." Chef Kenichi faces Yoshie Tobe in a soybean challenge. 8 p.m. The Cooking Channel

Chefs vs. City: "San Diego." Up-and-coming chefs Kari Rich and Steve Pickett from San Diego are the challengers in a culinary race across the city that involves the San Diego Zoo, chicken and waffles, craft beers, and Thai food. 10 p.m., Food Network

Saturday (July 17)

Mexican Made Easy: "Mexican Street Food." Mexico street foods are re-created. Included: milanesa sandwiches; corn cups with a variety of toppings; and cinnamon-flavored oatmeal drinks. 9:30 a.m., Food Network

Paula's Best Dishes: "Dixie Divas." Southern foods with a Mexican twist are made, including sweet-potato-chili cakes with cilantro-lime cream sauce and Mexican shrimp-and-grits with cornbread. 11:30 a.m., Food Network

5 Ingredient Fix: "Dessert Bar." Pastry chef Keegan Gerhard helps the host make simple desserts, including marshmallows, meringues, and chocolate. 12:30 p.m., Food Network

Unwrapped: "Hot & Spicy." Hot and spicy foods are the focus. Included: Atomic Fireballs; Frank's RedHot sauce; Eichtens Hidden Acres chipotle-pepper gouda. 10 p.m., Food Network

Sunday (July 18)

Grill It! With Bobby Flay: "Not Your Average Chicken." Korean-style grilled chicken and bibimbap salad are made, along with Thai barbecue chicken and grilled veggies. 10:30 a.m., Food Network

Guy's Big Bite: "Guy's Epic Greek Odyssey." A Greek meal, featuring grilled-salmon gyros with homemade pita bread and cucumber-dill sauce. 11 a.m., Food Network

Food Network Challenge: "Food Landscapes." Landscape scenes are created entirely out of food by produce carvers, artists, and construction workers. 8 p.m., Food Network

Next Food Network Star: "Retro Palm Springs." The hopefuls visit Frank Sinatra's estate in Palm Springs, where they'll serve retro dishes to a table of special guests. Also: Ted Allen tests the contestants on their ability to entertain. 9 p.m., Food Network

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