African Chocolate: "Like Sucking on a Cocoa Seed . . ."

For the past few weeks, I've been deprived of seeing one of my dear friends, who packed up and headed to London and Ghana for three whole weeks. (Lucky, lucky lucky!) Although London intrigues me -- and I'm dying to see my friend's photos of the city -- I'm particularly anxious to hear about his journey to Africa. Going there solo sounds like a big deal.

Also impressive was the fact that he managed to bring back a Kingsbite chocolate bar from the other side of the planet, just for me. It was perfectly brand-new and intact, as if it had just come off the store shelf. 

As he handed it to me, my friend warned that the chocolate wasn't like American milk chocolate -- and that some of his friends didn't care for it.

"I like it," he said, "but it's like sucking on a cocoa seed, which I did when I was over there. It's not as sweet."

Indeed, it wasn't as sweet, but it was just sweet enough, and had a more earthy cocoa flavor than what I've grown up on. The texture wasn't as smooth, either, but I enjoyed it just the same. For me, just to eat something that's interesting, if not flat-out scrumptious, is a pleasure.

Now I can't wait until the day I can suck on a cocoa seed.

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