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Alice Cooper'stown Nabs Top Celeb Restaurant Honors, Appears on Man v. Food

It's nice to see Arizona in the news for good reasons these days. Alice Cooper'stown, the downtown rock n' roll restaurant slash sports bar owned by legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper, has been named one of the Top 10 Celebrity-Owned restaurants by

Cooper'stown comes in at #8 on the list, which also includes Justin Timberlake's Southern Hospitality BBQ and Don Johnson and comedian Cheech Marin's SF-based Ana Mandara. 

How did TripAdvisor come up with the winners? User ratings for celebrity restaurants were compiled, and the site's editors culled the best of the best from among the top-rated eateries.

Seems Cooper'stown is also getting attention from the Travel Channel lately...     

The restaurant will be featured on an upcoming episode of Man v. Food in which host Adam Richman presumably downs The Big Unit, a two-foot hot dog named after Cooper's co-owner Randy Johnson. Look for the episode to air around June.

In a recent interview for Bryan Reesman's Attention Deficit Delirium, the shock jock mentioned that Travel Channel chef Anthony Bourdain also popped in for a bite of the Big Unit. In the interview, Cooper offers a great story about singer Meat Loaf wanting to open a chicken restaurant. Duh. You'd think a guy whose driver's license actually says "Meat Loaf" would know what kind of restaurant he should open. Oh, well. Hopefully he'll listen to Alice, who's clearly got a winning formula. 

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