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Though Kaishu's main-dish fare isn't too terribly interesting, the quality is there. Pork katsu has just the right crunch, and it comes with dill-flecked potatoes, carrots, noodles and rice, as well as miso soup and salad; $10.50 doesn't often go this far in this part of Scottsdale. Pan-fried udon noodle is disguised as an appetizer, but the platter is more an entree. You get a mound of noodles heaped with strips of chicken breast, studded with sesame seeds and moistened in a rich, smoky sauce.

Instead of trying to cash in on a fashionable Scottsdale address, Kaishu has clearly worked hard getting its kitchen act together. That's what I call getting your priorities straight.

Silver Dragon:
Beef chow fun
Salt and pepper squid
Seafood noodle hot pot
Shrimp and walnuts

Seasoned octopus salad
Green mussels
December 29th roll

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