Behind the Bar: The Zakuro at Sens

Sens Asian Tapas and Sake Bar is working to make a name for itself as the sake headquarters of Phoenix, offering more than 60 varieties of the rice-based libation, in different cocktail formations reaching far beyond your standard sake bomber.

Of all the sake-tinis on the menu, bartender Jason Catlin (from yesterday's Behind the Bar) has a decided favorite: the Zakuro. Almost like a gateway drink, Catlin says the cocktail is a great starter for those intimidated by sake. The light flavor not only makes it easy to drink, but is also a gentle way to introduce the flavors and effect of sake for any newbie.

A quick trip to your local BevMo or Beverages and More should yield all the ingredients you need to recreate the Zakuro in your own home.

The recipe:

1 oz dry sake ½ oz Tombo Sochu 1 oz Lichido (lychee liquor) pomegranate juice rock sugar

How to make it:

Combine sake, Tombo and Lichido in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and pour into a martini glass, top with pomegranate juice, rim the glass with rock sugar and sprinkle a few crystals into the cocktail to garnish.


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