Gourmet House of Hong Kong will close after a long run.
Gourmet House of Hong Kong will close after a long run.
Phoenix New Times

Beloved Chinese Restaurant To Close After 34-Year Run

Gourmet House of Hong Kong, a beloved Chinese restaurant in Phoenix, will be closing. The eatery has been open since 1984 and has garnered several accolades over the decades, including a few past "Best of Phoenix" awards from us. The kitchen will be open for a brief period this week.

"We will continue serving food through the week until we run out — thank you for your flexibility and understanding if we don't have your favorite dishes," the restaurant posted to its Facebook page.

Gourmet House of Hong Kong was famous for its 26-page menu, featuring usual suspects (like kung pao and teriyaki) and higher-reaching staples (red-lacquered Peking duck) but also more exotic offerings. Gourmet House served frog legs and pea-sliver noodles. It even cooked Chinese delicacies like shark fin soup.

For those of you looking for a nostalgia trip or a good meal, head to Gourmet House thirsty. As a thank you to customers, the restaurant will be slashing beer prices by 50 percent through the end of the week.

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