Ben & Jerry's Hazed and Confused Ice Cream Will Blow Your Nutella-Loving Mind

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The Guilty Pleasure: Ben & Jerry's Hazed and Confused Ice Cream Where to Get It: The freezer aisle of your local grocery store Price: About $5 What It Really Costs: A whooping 1,120 calories if you finish the whole pint.

It's been few months since Ben & Jerrys released their new line of Core ice creams. But of course, if you're an ice cream addict (guilty), you seldom stray from your tried and true favorite flavors. (Half Baked, anyone?!)

Well, I finally decided to risk a five spot on trying out on the new creations. If you haven't already heard, Cores combine two flavors of ice cream in every pint and offers a core of filling that runs down the center of the entire container. There are four different varieties, but the one I was most excited to try was Hazed & Confused, which combines chocolate and hazelnut ice cream with a hazelnut fudge core.

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It doesn't take a genius of figure out that "hazelnut fudge" is just a copyright infringement-free way of saying "Nutella." Yes, this ice cream basically has a fat ribbon of creamy, hazenutty Nutella running right through it.

The chocolate ice cream half of the pint is loaded with pieces of fudge chips, though if we're being completely honest, they really just taste like regular chocolate chips. Not that that's a bad thing. And when eaten alone, the hazelnut ice cream offers only a light nutty flavor. Initially it tastes pretty much like regular vanilla ice cream with the hazelnut coming through on the back end of your bite. It's actually a nice, neutral flavor to counterbalance the heartier chocolate and fudge side of things.

Obviously, the chocolate fudge core is the star here. It tastes pretty much exactly like Nutella, except with a slightly thicker texture. Because it is slightly more dense the ice cream will probably melt away before you've had a chance to finish your mouthful. Which is great because then you get to enjoy spoonfuls of not-Nutella without the guilt that comes with eating Nutella it straight out of the jar.

For ice cream lovers and Nutella lovers, this product is pretty much perfection. The only problem will be having enough self control to not finish the whole pint in one sitting.

There are also three other flavors of Cores ice creams: Peanut Butter Fudge with chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with mini peanut butter cups and a peanut butter fudge core; That's My Jam with chocolate and raspberry ice cream and a raspberry core; and Salted Caramel with sweet cream ice cream with blonde brownies and a salted caramel core.

You can read more about them on the Ben & Jerry's website.

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