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Black Chile Mexican Grill Unveiled Today

Biltmore Fashion Park's newest eatery, Black Chile Mexican Grill, kicks off its opening today. Developed by Michael McDermott and Jason Merritt of Kona Grill, the eatery concentrates on recognizable Mexican-inspired fare and boasts some 125+ tequilas on hand.

Grilled corn with aioli and cojita ($5.50) sounds appealing, as does their signature Black Chile entree ($16.25) with seasoned pork, Serrano peppers, sour cream and Pasille chile sauce. Chimichangas, cheese crisps, enchiladas and carne asada and fish tacos make an appearance. Desserts include tres leches cake, churros and fried ice cream ($4.95-5.95).

According to McDermott, any dish on the menu can be customized for heat preference. Most of the dishes aren't super-spicy, though the Shrimp Diablo and the housemade green chili sauce do promise to leave your tongue tingling.

The recipe for Black Chile's spicy green sauce comes from his father, Marno, who founded the Midwest-based restaurant chain Chi-Chi's. McDermott took some time to travel through Mexico studying various cooking techniques, and it still took several tries before he perfected his dad's chile sauce recipe.

Black Chile is open Monday through Thursday until 11 p.m., Friday Saturday from 11 a.m. to midnight and Sundays until 10 p.m.

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