Brew Review

Brew Review: Dogfish Head's Sah'tea

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure of attending the Draft Magazine Microbrew Festival at Turf Paradise. It was a fairly great time marred by one great disappointment. I ran into Louis Dolgoff, Arizona's Dogfish Head sales manager who explained to me that he was in possession of Sah'tea, a new brew infused with chai tea and juniper berries. 

"Great!" I exclaimed. "Can I try some?" 

"I'm sorry but we're all out," was the heart-wrenching reply I received. 

Well my fellow drinkers, I've come across a bottle of the stuff in time for this week's review. Let's have at it!

Tastes: There is magic in this bottle. Dogfish Head has used rye and juniper berries in the brew process. To heat the wort they used wood-fired rocks. Rocks! At the end of the boiling process black chai tea is added to give it a spiciness that lingers with each sip. 

It's immaculate. Smooth but strong, fascinating but subtle, this beer has it all. 

I got mine: at Top's Liquor for $13.99, but stay away, fiends. It's mine, you hear? All mine!

Strength: Sah'tea is 9% alcohol by volume. 

Goes with: perhaps attaining Nirvana? I'm not sure what sort of experience is appropriate to enjoy while drinking a beer of this caliber, but I'm certain it would result in some sort of spiritual enlightenment. Why ruin that by pairing it with food?

Verdict: I'm a bit too busy drinking Sah'tea right now to think of one. Try again later. 

Happy drinking!

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Jonathan McNamara