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British Dinner Delivery Service Will Help You Fool Guests With Dirty Pots and Pans

There's a scene in Mr. and Mrs. Smith when super-spy/assassin Angelina Jolie reveals that she never cooked a day of her life and that her shadowy employer provided hot prepared meals as part of her suburban wife cover story. That actually sounded like a pretty good perk and it appears that British-based Housebites thought that was a pretty good idea, too. Not only will they deliver a professionally prepared meal but they'll also include a set of dirty pots and pans, so you can complete the illusion of domesticity.

According to its press release, this "service" was the result of frequent requests from people seeking to deceive their guests into believing that dinner was a labor of love and not a form filled out on the Internet. The delivery of appropriately dirty dishes will tack around $8 to your bill, but if you actually wash them prior to return they'll credit half of that back. It sounds like their delivery people will retrieve your prop dishes at a convenient time, but we like to think you exchange them in a dark alley or in a dead drop behind some suspicious-looking bushes. No word if they'll be a trenchcoat and fedora rental fee.

Here's a video explaining how Housebites works:

Though there are a few places that deliver groceries, it doesn't appear that Arizona is host to a Housebites-like company. There's a plethora of restaurant food delivery services -- even one that delivers groceries to your doorstep. Of course, given how spread out Phoenix is, it would be difficult to imagine finding a sufficient quantity of qualified cooks situated within 15 minutes of interested customers.

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