Guilty Pleasures

Brownie Batter Oreos Are the Best Thing Ever

The Guilty Pleasure:
Brownie Batter Oreos
Where to Get It: Grocery stores
Price: $3.99
What it Really Costs: The eternal sadness that once these are gone, you may never see them again

Not too long ago, we raved about how the S’mores Oreos changed the game. They took an unconventional concept and executed it flawlessly in sandwich cookie form.

Now forget what we said becayse Brownie Batter Oreos have blown our minds all over again.

At first, we had the same question you may be thinking at this very moment, “How can ‘brownie batter’ creme separate itself from the chocolate creme Oreos have used in the past? It can’t possibly taste like real brownie batter, there’s perishable stuff in brownie batter.”

As it turns out, Nabisco has just the magical powers required to recreate the exact flavor of brownie batter in between every pair of deliciously classic Oreo wafers. They clearly know it, too, having the audacity to put the image of a wooden spoon (covered in brownie batter) on the packaging of the cookies.

Before we sampled them, the image of the mixing spoon (the one that childhood dreams are made of) seemed like an out-of-reach challenge. They knew what you were going to associate with that image, the addicting flavors of uncooked desserts, that mouthfeel of raw creamy batter with just that little crunch of sugar at the end, the moments of your youth fighting your sibling to lick the spoon after your grandma (or mom, if she did that kind of thing) made brownies. That spoon created a lot of hype for these cookies, and the danger of high expectations resides in failing to live up to them.

In the case of the Brownie Batter Oreos, the hype was legit. From the rich unfinished chocolate brownie flavor to the sugary crunch at the end of every bite, we literally can’t think of anything that this month’s limited Oreo flavor missed. The smooth creaminess is perfect with the crisp cookies, and every bite tastes exactly like a smidge of brownie batter replaces the creme of an Oreo. All that’s missing is the mixing spoon and a jealous sibling.

We could go on and on about how wonderful the Brownie Batter Oreos are, but we’re too busy finishing the package. 
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Josh Chesler
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