Cafe: Chestnut Lane Cafe

There are many questions we like to be presented with when entering an eatery. Of these, deciding among coffee, pastry and sandwiches is the question we like best. Why you ask? Because our knee-jerk answer is "all three."

That's why we're so excited about the focus of this week's Cafe column: Chestnut Lane Cafe. We can have our coffee/pastry/sandwich and eat it too.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Chestnut Lane Cafe:

It's a mellow hangout, the kind of place that makes me glad for Arizona's endless sunny days. While there's no patio, per se, there is a handful of outdoor tables. Just inside the front door, the register is flanked by a case full of salads on one side and a lavish display of pastries (behind glass, just out of reach) on the other. Specials are written on a roll of brown butcher paper hanging next to the kitchen door. There's modest counter seating around the other half of the bright-white space, and a large metal communal table in the next room, surrounded by vintage metal chairs. Décor is limited to some rectangular glass flower vases tied with orange grosgrain ribbons, and a row of cookie-filled jars along the window...full story

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