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Cafe: Jimmy Woo's and Sunshine Moon Peking Pub

There are several joints for a little chinese food in this town. To stand out, you need to stand out; you need to prove you're better than the rest. That's why we're taking on the two restaurants in this week's cafe column.

Food Critic Michele Laudig on Jimmy Woo's and Sunshine Moon Peking Pub:

Jimmy Woo's and Sunshine Moon Peking Pub do have similarities, at least on paper. Both concepts were created by restaurant industry vets and celebrate nostalgia for old-school Chinese food in the sweet-and-sour-chicken-and-a-fortune-cookie sense, with extensive menus serving all those classic dishes you'd expect from a time-honored neighborhood spot. (However, if you're looking for serious ethnic food served by, um, actual Chinese people, you'll have to go elsewhere.)

Both spots are kid-friendly, with menus just for the little ones, and both have plenty of libations to keep grownups in good spirits.

But beyond that, the two restaurants contrast like yin and yang, the opposing, inseparable forces that define everything in the universe, according to the Chinese philosophical classic Tao Te Ching. Yin represents darkness, rest, and the female, while masculine yang is bright and energetic...full story

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