Chow Bella

Cafe: Nourish

There's no getting around the fact that food is fuel. That said, there's no reason it should taste like it. If this week's Cafe column is any indication, that very same lesson may need to be applied to Nourish; an eatery that specializes in gluten-free, vegan cuisine.

Maya Duksmasova on Nourish:

If you're looking to educate yourself about the possibilities of gluten-free eating and allergen avoidance in the restaurant business, then Nourish is the place for you. If, however, you're looking to enjoy a light, healthy meal that also tastes good, I suggest you take your business elsewhere.

Nourish has perhaps bitten off more than it can chew. Carey set out to create a haven for those who feel like "a freak at the table," which is how she describes her own experience as someone with gluten allergies and an aversion to dairy. This haven is pretty expansive: Nourish also offers catering services, grab-and-go lunches, meal plans, educational programs, and an online cooking channel, all aimed at helping people eat healthier while complying with their dietary restrictions...full story

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Jonathan McNamara