Cafe: Robbie Fox's Public House

Are there bars around town with decent pub grub? Sure. Does the Valley have bars with food so good that your stomach will lead you in pursuit of sustenance instead of merely a few brews? That's the very question Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld had in mind when she stepped into Robbie Fox's Public House for this week's Cafe column.

Food Critic Laura Hahnefeld on Robbie Fox's Public House:

Ask the folks who've been there what they think about Robbie Fox's Public House, and you'll hear about the lively atmosphere, a party-perfect outdoor patio, and an amazing happy hour -- all hallmarks of a good pub. But Robbie Fox's wants to be more than just a great bar; it wants to be a great restaurant. It's got the "great bar" part down pat.

But great restaurant? I knew Mr. Fox and I were off on the wrong foot when I heard this sound: "Crunch!"

That was the sound of the ice I'd bitten into as I tasted a partially frozen oyster on the half-shell. What was supposed to be delectable was drowned in cold, brittle blandness. And, then, when the plate of unwanted half-shells sat on the table for the duration of my meal, I figured Robbie Fox's had a ways to go before I could call it a great restaurant...full story

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