Caffiend: Echo Coffee's Iced Latte

Echo Coffee isn't that different from most other coffee shops. The interior décor is like a mom-and-pop Starbucks, decorated with plush chairs and spacious tables, over which hang red ceiling lamps. Hipster jazz usually plays softly through the speakers, and the scent of coffee grounds fills the air.

The coffee menu is pretty sparse, offering standard fare like Americano and Lattes. We tried the iced latte on a typically sweltering day.

Though the latte tasted a little watered down even before the ice melted, it was still pretty good. The coffee was a smooth blend, not too bitter, and tasted a little milkier than most lattes. There wasn't much of a bitter aftertaste, and so the cold latte managed to quench our thirst rather than make us run for a water chaser.

The energy boost was decent, but no more than that provided by any other latte. We were amped up for ten minutes after drinking the iced latte, and our energy level slowly ebbed over the next hour.

Echo Coffee's iced latte is a good thirst quencher on a hot day, but people looking to really light a fire under themselves would probably be better served with some espresso.

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