Caffiend: Iced Coffee from Lux

Anybody who's ever stepped foot into Lux coffee shop on Central knows the weekend and weekday morning scenes there can be chaos, with caffeinated hipsters and business-types all tapping away on their laptops or reading the morning papers. There's a reason they consistently flock here -- Lux's coffee is rich and super-charged. This week, we had a taste of the most supercharged coffee on their menu -- the iced coffee, with two shots of espresso.

Lux's Iced Coffee

Looks like: A dark toffee or fudge color until you add cream, then it turns into a milky beige color.

Smells like: Fresh-roasted espresso, but with a hint of sweetness.

Tastes like: Deliciousness incarnate. The coffee had a rich, heady dark roast flavor, and tasted strongly of espresso, but (surprise!) left no bitter aftertaste.

Caffeine and other contents: Since Lux's iced coffee consists of regular coffee (which has an average of 115 mg per cup, according to a Mayo Clinic study) and two shots of espresso (an average caffeine content of  60 mg each, according to the same study), we estimate that Lu's medium iced coffee contains around 300 mg of caffeine -- a potent dose about three times that of an eight-ounce can of Red Bull.

Caffeine kick: Very smooth. The medium iced coffee, drank within a one hour period, gave us another good hour of mental alertness, minus the racing pulse and jitters.

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