Caffiend: X-Drinx Kosmic Kola

When it comes to high-octane sodas, few brands can compare to Jolt cola, which generally packs more than twice the caffeine of supercharged pops like Mountain Dew. But one fairly new "energy cola," X-Drinx, comes pretty darn close to Jolt-power.

A 12-ounce bottle of X-Drinx Kosmic Kola contains undisclosed amounts of guarana, caffeine, and yerba mate, all three of which are known in their own right for their energizing properties. It's a potent trio, and combined with the 30 grams of sugar in each bottle, could be overwhelming for people sensitive to caffeine.

But caffiends will probably love it.

It's on par with Jolt as far as a sustained energy buzz (don't drink it within five hours of bedtime), but it packs a similar sugar crash, too.

The flavor of X-Drinx Kosmic Kola is very earthy, and slightly flat. When the bottle's first popped open, it makes a spritzing sound and a serpentine wave of smoke comes out. But there's no carbonated burn when you drink it. It tastes similar to warm RC Cola left on the table for several hours, but with subtle flavors of vanilla, clove, and cinnamon.

Kosmic Kola is great for energy and isn't bad overall, but it could pack more of a carbonated punch.

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