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Celebrate Cheese, Glorious Cheese, With WedgeFestUSA

Whether you prefer the term caseophile, turophile, or just plain curd hound, put down that cheddar wheel and listen up: This news is for you.

Cheese expert Lara Mulchay, former ​owner of Petite Fromage, her (sadly) defunct Phoenix cheese shop, recently has embarked on a new venture called WedgeFestUSA.

Part community, part charity, and part cheese, glorious cheese, Mulchay's WedgeFestUSA will launch in September and celebrate American-made artisanal dairy products and their health aspects through seminars, tastings, and events throughout the year.

Mulchay's also planning WedgeFestUSA-Southwest, a fromage festival on a grander scale (think top cheesemongers and chefs, activities and exhibits, and a Milk Bar serving gourmet milkshakes) to take place in the fall of next year.

"We wish to challenge the most widespread perspective held here in the states: that American-made cheese is nothing more than squares of pliable yellow goo wrapped in plastic," Mulchay states on her company's Facebook page. "We want to help people realize that the 'buy local' and current locavore trend extends to Americans consuming cheese made here in the United States. When you invest in cheese, you invest in your community."

And for those who wish to purchase a few nibbles of American artisanal cheese hand-selected by Mulchay, a fromage-filled box will be available monthly for purchase either at one of WedgeFestUSA's events or via direct delivery.

To learn more about WedgeFestUSA, follow them on Facebook or Twitter. To be included on the mailing list, contact [email protected]

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Laura Hahnefeld
Contact: Laura Hahnefeld