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Changes at Prado at the Montelucia

He's been on board for a while, but as of today, former Digestif front-of-the-house personality Pavle Milic has officially been named the new general manager of Prado, the fine-dining restaurant at the InterContinental Montelucia resort.

Another well-known local talent, Paul Xanthopoulos, has joined the team as maitre d'. Prior to this gig, Xanthopoulos held the unusual titles of "Master du Soigner" at Estate House and "Director of Romance" (a position he held for many years) at the Royal Palms.

Chef de cuisine Claudio Urciuoli has also revised the menu with new dishes as well as updated versions of existing items. Interestingly, paella no longer appears on the menu -- the rice dishes now go under the title arroces.

Doesn't the new name seem curious? I'd been very unhappy with the mushy, socarrat-free paella when I reviewed the restaurant a couple months ago, so I'm wondering whether this is a way of deflecting criticism by simply not calling it paella anymore. Eventually I'll have to go back to find out the answer to that question . . . 

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Michele Laudig
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