Check it Out - Open Book Cafe at Burton Barr Central Library

Whoever said you can't get something for nothing hasn't been down to the Phoenix Public Library lately. We've been feeling little light on cash these days, so we're browsing the books, perusing the DVDs, and catching up with a few favorite magazines, all free of charge with our handy library card. 

And now the Burton Barr Central library branch has given us a reason to hang out a little longer with the launch of the Open Book Café. The café, which has both indoor and outdoor seating, will serve coffee and cold drinks along with breakfast and lunch items. 

Check it Out - Open Book Cafe at Burton Barr Central Library

Sure, the food isn't free, and we can't check out a cup of coffee with our library card, but the prices are pretty budget friendly. The menu, which includes wraps, sandwiches, and salads, is reasonably priced, with the highest item ringing in at $5.50. And yes, you can bring a covered beverage into the library (just try not to slurp it with too much gusto or you'll risk being shushed by the librarian on duty). 

The café has been in the works since 2007 when a customer survey cited lack of food and beverage as one of the top issues at the main branch. Technical issues and vendor changes delayed the project a few times, but the eatery is no longer overdue and we hear the library staff is pretty excited. 

Stop in and check it out for yourself. The Open Book Café is now open on the first floor near the west entrance of Burton Barr. The cafe will follow regular branch hours, closing thirty minutes before the library.  

A grand opening event will be held on January 11th.


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