Chef Alford's Honey Yuzu Dressing

This week we met up with Chef Jason Alford, who shared the story of his culinary roots from a small community in Oregon and discussed the evolution of Scottsdale's London-imported Japanese restauraunt, Roka Akor.

Today we've got his simple recipe for a Honey Yuzu Dressing featured on the New Year's Eve menu last week.

Yuzu, an East Asian citrus fruit, is quite sour and about the size of a tangerine. Although the fruit itself is difficult to find in the United States, you can find the bottled juice and dry, powdered yuzu. Most often used for its rind, the distinctive aroma of the yuzu fruit sets it apart from typical Western fruits such as the lemon and lime.

Honey Yuzu Dressing


20 GR honey
10 ML soy sauce
110 ML grapeseed oil
30 ML vinegar - sherry
30 ML wine - Umeshu
30 ML Yuzu - juice 100%

Whisk ingredients

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